How to Mentally Recover After Being Injured in a Bicycle Accident

iStock_000006088567_LargeAnyone who has been through a bicycle accident will often tell you that physically recovering from the injuries is sometimes easier than mentally recovering. After a traumatic even, such as a serious bicycle accident, there are a lot of emotional scars left behind. Here are some tips from riders who have been through it all to help you recover your form, both physically and mentally.

Three Tips to Promote Mental Recovery After a Bicycle Accident

Understanding – After a serious injury, you can’t be as active as you were before, at least not for a while. This is extremely hard for those of us who were once very active, and rode every day. Actually, it’s extremely hard for anyone. Even people who don’t ride nearly as often or workout daily often don’t understand just how active they were until they can’t be. This kind of sedentary lifestyle can seriously bum out even the couchiest of potatoes.

Set Lower Goals – I’m not saying that it can’t be done, but recovery is a long road. Don’t set too high a goal for yourself. For example, “I will recover completely from this stupid, broken femur thing by tomorrow morning” is not a realistic goal. You’re not the Bride from Kill Bill, and you won’t get those piggies wiggling by chanting at them in the back of a banana yellow truck.

Let Go of Stress – Stress can make the entire recovery process take twice as long. I’m not just saying that either. Scientists have proven that your body releases these nasty little hormones when you get stressed, and those hormones significantly hinder your body’s ability to heal properly. Use whatever techniques you prefer to reduce your stress levels; meditation, breathing exercises, hugging your dog until you both turn blue, whatever.

Being patient through the whole process is the key. Understand and accept that your recovery should be your priority and that it will take time, and your stress levels will come down, speeding up the healing process.

Joshua Bonnici is an avid cyclist who works hard to serve riders who have been injured in a bicycle accident. Call or fill out an online form today to find out how a San Diego bicycle accident attorney can help you.