Mother Sues City of Coronado After Son Injured in Bike Wreck

A mother plans to sue the city of Coronado after her 15-year-old son was severely injured in a cycling accident. The woman blames excessive traffic near the Coronado Bridge for her son’s injury.

The teenager was crossing the intersection of 4th Street and B Avenue when he was struck by a car. The young boy suffered an epidural hematoma from the accident, a type of traumatic brain injury.

Investigators determined that the young boy was at fault for the accident, but his mother believes heavy traffic near the Coronado Bridge makes it impossible for cyclists to ride safely.

“There is nothing that constrains the traffic between Orange Avenue and the bridge,” she claimed. “Then you see the highest speeds during peak hours and the speed builds as people approach the bridge.”

According to the attorney for the victim’s mother, Coronado is liable, because the way her son crossed the street was not illegal, just extremely dangerous. The victim’s mother is hoping to call attention to the issue and force the city to add stoplights at the intersection.

A consulting firm is already designing several proposals to control traffic at the intersection, using traffic signals, elevated crosswalks or speed bumps. The firm will present its proposal to the city in October.

While cyclists may be happy to see the additional measures, residents in nearby areas are reluctant to embrace the changes.

“While it might serve a greater good, people who live in proximity to signals are often unhappy about [traffic changes],” said a member of the Coronado’s Transportation Committee.

Most nearby residents believe the traffic lights on 3rd and 4th Streets already do enough, although some agree that the lights could be synchronized to slow traffic and allow pedestrians to cross. Others believe new traffic measures would back up traffic in front of their homes, increasing pollution and decreasing property values.

Who Was Responsible for My Cycling Accident?

Government municipalities are in charge of making sure roads are well maintained and safe to travel for drivers and cyclists. They usually keep track of hazards by conducting regular roadway inspections, or by citizen reports.

If a government agency fails to address a hazard after several warnings, it could be liable for any accidents or injuries that come as a result. If you believe road conditions or a dangerous intersection led to your bicycle accident, call Bonnici Law Group to discuss your case with an attorney who knows cycling.

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[Did You Know: Almost two thirds of serious bicycle accidents happen at or near busy intersections.]

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