Questions and Answers About Food While Riding

Questions and Answers About Food While Riding

How Stokers CycleWhat are the best foods to eat while cycling to keep your energy up? How often should you eat while cycling? Here are some common questions and answers regarding diet and cycling and how to keep your energy up during a long ride.

Q: How long can I cycle without needing to eat?

A: If you have eaten prior to riding, you should not need to refuel if your ride is under an hour long. After an hour has passed, you will want to consume small amounts of high GI carbohydrates, which help keep your blood glucose up and your muscles fueled. Aim for between 30 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour. Sports drinks, carbohydrate energy gels, jellied sweets, bananas and low fiber cereal or carbohydrate bars are all excellent providers of these essential carbohydrates.

Q: How can I eat without feeling too full to ride?

A: You will want to stick to the types of foods we listed in the previous answer. These foods are light and easily absorbed, helping prevent discomfort and nausea while riding.

Q: Are there other options to boost my energy during a ride?

A: Of course! If you are a habitual user of caffeine in your diet, you may find that caffeine can provide a valuable energy boost later in your ride. There are a wide variety of sports drinks and other energy foods containing caffeine that you can find at the grocery store.

Q: Should I eat while riding if I do not feel hungry?

A: Yes. You should not rely on hunger pangs to let you know when you need fuel. Eat little, eat often to maintain a constant supply of energy.

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