San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney Sends Condolences to California High School Community

Marion Adams, a California high school teacher and track and field coach, died in a tragic bicycle accident on March 6, according to the Sacramento Bee. Adams, 59, was riding home on his bicycle out of the school’s parking lot after a track practice and turned to wave goodbye to a student before running into a metal swing gate.

Adams was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgeries, but he died the following day from his injuries. Adams was a beloved figure in the community and had attended high school at Rio Linda, where he was a teacher and a coach.

“Marion was the most popular and nicest man on campus; just a great guy,” said Rio Linda High School Athletic Director Mike Morris. “It’s a huge loss, devastating to our community. He’s an example of how great Rio Linda is as a school and a community. He couldn’t wait to come back here. This place meant everything to him.”

This is a rare but terribly tragic accident that reminds all bicyclists to pay attention to their surroundings at all times. We can sometimes become comfortable in familiar settings and let our guard down a little, but maintaining awareness is essential for all riders.

Tip of the week: Try to keep your focus while you are riding, even in regular environments. Do not listen to music through headphones—they are distracting and cover the sound of cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. In California, it is also illegal to cycle with earpieces in both ears.

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