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San Diego Mayoral Candidates Focus On Bicycle Issues

San Diego mayoral candidates are making improved bicycle infrastructure and safety a top priority. Former candidate for mayor, Nathan Fletcher, took to the streets to investigate potential for improving the city’s bicycle infrastructure. Though the details of the proposed plan remain ambiguous, the San Diego Association of Governments has upwards of $54 million allocated for road improvement. Much of those could be spent optimizing commuter bicycle routes. Fletcher claims that “investing in bicycle infrastructure makes economic sense as a cost-effective way to support business, enhance our quality of life and support tourism…The return on investment in bike infrastructure has been realized by other cities. For instance, in 2008, Portland generated $90 million in bicycle-related economic activity, from retail, manufacturing, professional services and organized rides.” The general election did not turn out in Fletcher’s favor. Voters are now waiting on a runoff between the remaining two candidates who each have their…
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San Diego Approves 10-Year Effort to Improve Bicycle Safety

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has approved the first step in a 10-year, $200 million dollar effort to improve the safety and efficiency of bicycle transportation. SANDAG has a recent history of approving measures promoting the interests and rights of cyclists. Two years ago, SANDAG approved the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and its Sustainable Communities Strategy, which contains a regional bicycle plan. SANDAG is following the state-wide trend of promoting cyclist rights and safety. That is, California governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law the Three Feet for Safety Act, requiring motorists to give bicyclists three feet of clearance when passing. The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC) says, “By approving scenario 1 for the regional bike plan, SANDAG has put into motion essential improvements that will enable folks to ride bicycles more safely on more direct and convenient routes that connect more cities throughout the county.” SANDAG…
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Two Graduate Students Develop ‘Invisible’ Bicycle Helmet

Two graduate students in Sweden have developed a new “invisible” bicycle helmet that uses technology similar to a vehicle airbag, according to NBC News. The “invisible” bike helmet, which has been dubbed the Hövding, is actually not a helmet at all but a device that is worn around the cyclist’s neck. The Hövding is designed to shoot a protective, inflatable nylon hood around the rider’s head within one tenth of a second of impact. The two grad students who designed the Hövding, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt, did so because as cyclists themselves, they desired head protection that was more fashionable and did not ruin their hair. Alstin and Haupt, who studied Industrial Design at Sweden’s University of Lund, began working on the “invisible” helmet in 2005. It took seven years for the two to engineer, refine and test the collar. Alstin and Haupt were even able to enlist the…
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