San Diego Bike Thieves Caught

Within the San Diego cycling community, there is no one lower on the totem pole than the bike thief. In the past few months, a number of San Diego cyclists with well-locked bikes were robbed by previously unknown bike thieves. Finally, the rogues responsible for the serial bike thefts throughout the county have been apprehended by the San Diego Police Department.

The thieves, two men in their mid-20’s, would drive around affluent neighborhoods, noting which garage doors and patios were accessible. When residents were away from home, they pair would scour the unattended property for expensive bicycles. Some of the bicycles recovered by the police cost as much as $15,000.

One Carmel Valley couple lost a $1,000 FSR mountain bike. The bicycle was locked to their driveway when they left with what seemed to be a durable lock. “I came out and didn’t expect to see the bike gone, and I thought, ‘What happened to my bike?’” said the victim. “I look at the ground and I see this big lock was cut right in half with what seemed to be professional bolt cutters.”

The mountain bike was locked to two less expensive beach cruisers. The fact that the thieves left the beach cruisers led investigators to conclude that they were well-informed cyclists who knew what they were looking for. “Obviously they were scoping the neighborhood looking for good bikes,” said the victim.

For the sake of your bicycle’s safety, go the extra mile with bike security. Avoid cheap chain locks, use sturdy U-locks and be sure to thread your lock through the frame as well as a tire. These thieves targeted bicycles in private homes instead of public places, so store your bike within your home when you are away, not in the garage or patio.

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[Did You Know: According to the National Bike Registry, bike theft is the only form of larceny and theft that is on the rise, nationally.]

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