New Bike Path Opened In Oceanside

Photo of Joshua Bonnici cyclingBike commuters going from downtown to Oceanside have a new reason to celebrate: the new mile-long bike corridor connecting Oceanside Boulevard to Wisconsin Avenue is now open. Depositing riders where they can easily access the Oceanside Transit Center, the new bike path is opening up a host of new alternative transportation options for San Diego commuters that opt for two wheels instead of four.

The Oceanside Corridor is one small step in a long-term process of reducing automobile traffic and emissions by expanding cycling infrastructure. “A lot of people want to be able to bike to the transit center,” said Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood. “We’re working to make the city more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.”

“This [Oceanside bike] segment is just one part of a larger regional network,” said a representative of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), a regional planning organization. “The link to the transit center is such an important connection.”

The $2.45 million project is a part of the Coastal Rail Trail, a potential 44-mile route from Oceanside to San Diego. The Coastal Rail Trail will be constructed piece by piece over a number of years.

However, the Coastal Rail Trail is only a means to an even larger end. SANDAG approved the $200 million Regional Bike Plan in September, which will add 77 more miles of bike infrastructure. New bike paths will be popping up soon in Encinitas, Rose Canyon, San Ysidro and Escondido.

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[Did You Know: The Regional Bike Plan Early Action Program will add another 42 bike paths around San Diego.]

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