San Diego Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Cycling Event

San Diego’s strong cycling community regularly hosts events that fundraise for noble causes – for wounded veterans, blind cyclists and individuals with specific disabilities.

Staying true to that tradition, a 30 to 90 mile bicycle ride took place last weekend to raise money for breast cancer. By offering three routes with varying distances, the event allowed both inexperienced and experienced cyclists to participate.

The event was named “The Boob Ride”, and the founders have firsthand experience battling breast cancer. While the event was geared towards fundraising for research and charities, it is also about raising awareness for what breast cancer survivors and their families go through.

Since the cycling event was founded in 2010, it has been very successful, raising $15,000 for breast cancer charities. The Boob Ride also offered prizes for participants. For participants who completed the 90-mile course, they won a “yellow bra plaque”. Prizes for the event were designed to have similarities to the Tour de France.

More experienced cyclists had the option of taking part in a 60-90 mile route offered for the event. Although the event is noncompetitive, it was designed to be both challenging and fun for participants.

Will San Diego Host More Cycling Fundraising Events?

San Diego has hosted several cycling events in the last few weeks, including the Soldier Ride, which fundraises for injured veterans. In addition to cycling events for wounded veterans, San Diego is also home to the Blind Stokers Club.

San Diego is expected to continue adding infrastructure for cyclists, including the BayShore Bikeway around Coronado Bay, which might make more fundraising events like The Boob Ride very likely.

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