San Diego Mayoral Candidates Focus On Bicycle Issues

San Diego mayoral candidates are making improved bicycle infrastructure and safety a top priority.

Former candidate for mayor, Nathan Fletcher, took to the streets to investigate potential for improving the city’s bicycle infrastructure. Though the details of the proposed plan remain ambiguous, the San Diego Association of Governments has upwards of $54 million allocated for road improvement. Much of those could be spent optimizing commuter bicycle routes.

Fletcher claims that “investing in bicycle infrastructure makes economic sense as a cost-effective way to support business, enhance our quality of life and support tourism…The return on investment in bike infrastructure has been realized by other cities. For instance, in 2008, Portland generated $90 million in bicycle-related economic activity, from retail, manufacturing, professional services and organized rides.” The general election did not turn out in Fletcher’s favor. Voters are now waiting on a runoff between the remaining two candidates who each have their own bicycle policies and visions.

Runoff candidate, David Alvarez, is pushing the “Vision Zero” plan which consists of partnering bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups to promote and educate about road safety. The program will cost $1 million with the goal of zero pedestrian and bicycle accident fatalities in 2014.

In addition, Kevin Faulconer, the other runoff mayoral candidate, previously worked on SANDAG’s Bayshore Bikeway Committee. Faulconer and former mayor Jerry Sanders negotiated a partnership with Deco Bike, a private bike-sharing company. At no cost to the taxpayer, he helped to install a 220 station bike-share program to reduce traffic and excess pollution.

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Clearly, expanding bicycle infrastructure and promoting bicycle safety is a hot topic in the upcoming mayoral election. Increasing commuter bicycle use is a great alternative to costly and slow highway expansions. However, with more and more cyclists on the road it is imperative that everyone ride safely. Attorney Joshua Bonnici has cycled thousands of miles across the United States, so he understands the unique safety concerns of the cyclist. Our attorneys have ample experience defending the rights of cyclists injured by negligent motorists. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact us. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys, call our firm at (858) 261-5454.

[Did You Know: 48.1 percent of cyclists ride on paved roads and 13.6 percent ride on sidewalks.]

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