San Diego Sponsors Bike to Work Day

San Diego celebrated Bike to Work Day on May 17, an event which was part of National Bike Month. An estimated 7,000-plus San Diego County residents ditched their car or bus pass and rode their bike to work that day. Local businesses and agencies sponsored pit stops around the city, where riders could rest, grab water and refreshments and other gifts such as cycling shirts.

It is great that commuters took at least one day to ride to work—but why not make a habit out of it? UT-San Diego featured a piece about Ken Berger, 49, who opted to ditch his car for a bike and ride every day. Berger rides 11 miles each way from his Oceanside home along the San Luis Rey River Trail before hopping on a Metrolink commuter train that takes him 40 miles north to his Newport office. His commute takes longer than when he used to drive in his Toyota Tacoma, but he says the benefits outweigh the time he spends cycling.

“But I sit in my car for two and a half [hours] if I drive [anyways], and then I go to the gym,” says Berger. Berger claims to save $5,000 a year by not driving his gas-guzzling truck as well. “It’s mind-boggling the price we pay as a society for the convenience of a car.”

There is more information on local bike paths and bicycle safety laws available on our website. If you have not previously considered cycling to work, maybe it is time you reevaluate your priorities and see if it is practical for you.

Tip of the week: According to the NHTSA, 47% of Americans claim they want more cycling facilities in their community.

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