SUV Strikes San Diego Cyclist in Bicycle Lane

A bicycle accident claimed the life of 63-year-old Charles Raymond Gilbreth, according to A Chrysler SUV struck Gilbreth from behind as he was riding on Montezuma Road in San Diego. Responders pronounced him dead on the scene. The driver of the SUV remained on the scene after the accident and called 911. According to San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown, Gilbreth was riding in the bicycle lane.

According to reports, speed was not a factor and alcohol was not involved in the accident. The driver was not cited and the accident remains under investigation. Many questions still remain. How did the driver not see the cyclist,who was in front of the SUV? Why were no citations issued, especially if Gilbreth was riding in the bicycle lane? This sounds like it could be a case of a distracted driver. The San Diego police owe it to the victim’s family to summon the driver’s phone records and see if he was texting or using his phone at the time of the crash.

While it is certainly not fair to jump to conclusions about this accident, a thorough investigation is called for here.

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