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Why Does My Neck Hurt When Riding a Bike?

Does your neck hurt when riding a bike? You are just one of many. There are many reasons that could explain your neck pain, but more than likely, it’s related to one of these common causes. What Is Causing My Neck Pain When Riding a Bike? There are four common causes for neck pain when you’re riding a bike, including: Looking up with your neck Muscle tension Poor bike fit Weak support system Luckily for you, we have a solution for each of these issues. How to Fix My Neck Pain from Cycling Look with your eyes – You, like many, many other cyclists, may be guilty of looking up by lifting your head. It seems innocent enough, but repeated lifting can make your neck muscles sore. What you should be doing is looking up with just your eyes. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet that fits properly so that…
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How Do I Treat the Most Common Bicycle Injuries At Home?

As an avid cyclist himself, San Diego bicycle accident attorney Fred Dudek understands both the joys of cycling and the pain that a bike accident injury can cause a cyclist. Therefore, something he learned early on is how to treat common bicycle injuries at home. While treating common bicycle injuries at home is a skill that cyclists should know, at-home treatment is not meant as a replacement for regular doctor visits, seeking medical attention following a bike accident or having a physician examine a recurring bicycle injury. At-home bike injury treatment is just an option cyclists can take advantage of between doctor visits for treating minor injuries and nagging aches and pains that are the result of cycling on a regular basis. How Do I Treat Common Bicycle Injuries at Home? Common bicycle injuries and at-home treatment options: Cuts – For deep cuts, you should seek medical attention. However, shallow…
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