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Who Could Be Liable in a Bicycle Accident?

Statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that more than 818 people died in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles during 2015. Bicycle accidents can involve passenger cars, buses or trucks. While motor vehicles are a common cause of bicycle accidents, there are other parties who could be responsible. In addition to motor vehicles, the other parties responsible for a bicycle accident may include: Bicycle repair shops. These businesses may repair, modify or sometimes sell bicycles. However, they could make mistakes while performing repairs or they could sell a defective bicycle. For instance, you could be involved in an accident if a repair shop improperly repaired your brakes. Bicycle manufacturers. Like other products, bicycles may contain safety defects that raise the risk of an accident. Bicycle manufacturers may be liable for accidents caused by design or manufacturing defects. In this case, a cyclist or their loved ones…
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How Bicycle Safety Advocates Use Ghost Bikes to Memorialize Fallen Cyclists

You may have seen white bicycles attached to street signs, trees, fences or outside of businesses while traveling about Southern California. These “ghost bikes” are placed to let you and others know that a cyclist died at that location. Like tombstones, ghost bikes may also be adorned with flowers, candles, personal photos and other objects left by family and friends. In 2003, a bike mechanic created the first ghost bike after witnessing a fatal bicycle accident in St. Louis, Missouri. After the accident, he painted a bicycle white and placed it where the cyclist had died. The idea has spread to dozens of US cities and foreign countries. Thousands of ghost bike memorials have been placed around the world. Ghost Bikes, an organization that places these bicycles, has chapters in Southern California. Many members of Ghost Bikes have lost loved ones and friends to bicycle accidents. In recent articles published by…
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