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What’s Stopping a Dockless Bike Sharing Program in San Diego?

Have you ever wished you could summon a bicycle with your smartphone, take it where you need to go, then leave it wherever you wish? Dockless bikes, which have locking rear wheels to use when the bikes are no longer needed, are rapidly becoming popular throughout California. Imperial Beach, National City, Coronado and many college campuses already have networks of dockless bikes. But will the trend reach San Diego, the largest market in the region? If so, it could be a while. The city has an exclusive deal with docked bike sharing provider DecoBike which could prevent any other companies from providing similar services. San Diego is the only city in the region where this potential conflict arises. Dockless bike companies believe that there is enough of a difference between docked bike sharing and dockless bike sharing that the exclusive contract does not preclude the implementation of dockless bike sharing. Allowing dockless bike sharing could be the key to bolstering bicycle ridership in San…
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More Support Comes Out for “Idaho Stop” Law

In Idaho for the past 35 years, cyclists have been allowed to treat stop signs like yield signs. After determining an intersection is safe, bicyclists are allowed to just roll through, preventing a loss of momentum or balance. Until recently, Idaho was the only state where this was allowed. Delaware recently passed a bill that would legalize the “Idaho stop” there, and the campaign is ramping up to make it legal in California as well. New Idaho Stop Bill A bipartisan bike bill (AB 1103) would do just that. And advocates hope that, since California is the nation’s most populous state and highly influential, that a change here could help other states adopt the practice. Several states have tried and failed to enact an Idaho stop law, despite a study by DePaul University showing that 96 percent of cyclists have, at some point, treated a stop sign like a yield….
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How to Assert Your Rights as a Cyclist Without Being Rude

Many riders complain that drivers and even law enforcement don’t always seem to understand their rights as a cyclist. In circumstances like this, you may be forced to remind drivers and/or authorities of your rights, but at the same time, rude behavior tends to be counterproductive. Here are some ideas for how to get fair treatment without creating too much conflict. How to Politely Assert Your Rights as a Cyclist Give police the benefit of the doubt: You might be surprised by how often some cyclists immediately respond to law enforcement with hostility, or assume that drivers will be given preference in an incident. It’s law enforcement’s job to keep both drivers and cyclists safe. If you give them the benefit of the doubt, in most cases that is going to go further than antagonizing them. Know when to dispute a ticket: If you are ticketed unfairly, you have the…
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