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What’s Stopping a Dockless Bike Sharing Program in San Diego?

Have you ever wished you could summon a bicycle with your smartphone, take it where you need to go, then leave it wherever you wish? Dockless bikes, which have locking rear wheels to use when the bikes are no longer needed, are rapidly becoming popular throughout California. Imperial Beach, National City, Coronado and many college campuses already have networks of dockless bikes. But will the trend reach San Diego, the largest market in the region? If so, it could be a while. The city has an exclusive deal with docked bike sharing provider DecoBike which could prevent any other companies from providing similar services. San Diego is the only city in the region where this potential conflict arises. Dockless bike companies believe that there is enough of a difference between docked bike sharing and dockless bike sharing that the exclusive contract does not preclude the implementation of dockless bike sharing. Allowing dockless bike sharing could be the key to bolstering bicycle ridership in San…
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How Will Driverless Cars Affect Cyclists?

As more companies start announcing or developing driverless cars, there is a lot of talk about how this will affect our laws and safety. You’ve probably heard a lot about this new technology, but one question you might not have heard is how the changes will affect cyclists. The answer is somewhat unclear. As usual, new technology has the possibility both to make things better and to create new problems. Nobody can be sure exactly how things will go, but here’s a look at some of the possible improvements and issues. How New Technology Might be an Issue for Cyclists Innovation will not stop people from wanting to relax, exercise and save money by riding their bikes around town, yet plans for the autonomous future often seem to leave riders out. For example, some people are envisioning a world where stop signs and traffic lights are unnecessary, since cars would…
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What Do California Cyclists Need to Know About Electric Bicycles?

Electric bicycles have enjoyed immense popularity overseas in Europe and China, but the idea is only now catching on here in the United States. Estimates on annual U.S. sales range from 50,000 to 175,000, and major bicycle manufacturers have developed their own line of electric bikes. Electric bicycles use an electricity-powered motor to move the bike forward, but the motor can be switched off in some models. Although electric bicycles cannot travel above 20 mph while powered by the motor, states such as New York have banned them and others have placed restrictions on modifications. Electric bikes face few bans in California, and state law recognizes them as conventional bicycles. However, there are specific restrictions that separate regular and electric bicycles apart. Cyclists under the age of 16 are not allowed to use electric bicycles, and all people riding them must wear a helmet. As of two weeks ago, the…
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