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5 Habits for Preventing Someone from Stealing Your Bike

It can take having your bike stolen to personally learn the importance of locking it properly each time you leave it. Sometimes, locking it isn’t enough, on its own. If you’re reading this, hopefully you haven’t experienced the misfortune of a stolen bicycle. Regardless, these tips will minimize the likelihood of someone stealing your bike in the future. How to Prevent Someone from Stealing Your Bike Use a U-lock – Cable locks might allow you to lock your bike to a wider array of objects. However, they are also much easier to cut through than U-locks are. It’s best to secure the U-lock to a wheel that doesn’t detach rather than the top tube, as experienced thieves could use your bike’s frame to pry it loose. Ensure what you lock to is secure – That signpost is easier to lift a bike over than you think. That’s especially true if…
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How to Get My Stolen Bicycle Back?

It’s easy to give in to anger and despair upon discovering you bicycle has been stolen. But do not let that feeling of helplessness control you; if you act quickly and follow the below steps, there may still be a chance to recover your stolen bicycle. Your faith in humanity may take a few extra steps to repair. File a police report. Whether an officer comes to you or you go into the station, give the police the make, model, and serial number of the stolen bicycle. Also provide any pictures you have of the bike and inform the officer of any video cameras in the area that may have seen the act. Register the stolen bike with Bike Index, safebikes.org, or any other local recovery site. Make sure to include as many details as possible about your bike, such as the make, model, any stickers, dents, or other identifying…
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