Two Bicycle Accident Survivors Discuss Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Two bicycle accident survivors were guests at a public symposium hosted by the Brain Injury Research Center at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Actor Larry Miller and triathlete Greg Parks both suffered traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) from a bicycle accident. Both men shared their stories, talking about how their accident occurred and how they recovered.

In 2012, Greg Parks was involved in a bicycle accident that left him with a TBI. He remembers riding in Santa Clarita the day the accident occurred, but the details of what happened are still fuzzy to him. Although he cannot remember the moments that led up to his accident, he does remember the four weeks he spent in the hospital and the rehabilitation that came after.

Larry Miller, known for his roles in Seinfeld and Boston Legal, was in a near-fatal bicycle accident that left him on life support for a month. Miller had sustained a TBI during the accident, and once he regained consciousness, had to spend several months relearning basic cognitive functions. Fortunately, he has made a recovery.

Can Support From Family and Friends Help Someone Recover From a TBI?

During the event, Parks and his wife spoke about rehabilitation from a TBI, with Parks describing the injury as “being stuck in a fog”, and his wife and caregiver being a lighthouse to help guide him through. While talking about rehabilitation from his injury, Parks mentioned the importance of a good support system for TBI patients.

Family members of individuals with TBIs can learn quite a bit from both stories mentioned in our blog post today. Recovery can take a lot of dedication that many patients would have a difficult time accomplishing without the help of family and friends.

Depending on the cause of the accident, survivors might have grounds for receiving compensation for their injuries. If a bicycle accident was caused by the negligent actions of another person, survivors should speak to an attorney to discuss what legal options are available.

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Did You Know? The annual costs in the U.S. for rehabilitation from a traumatic brain injury is a combined $10 billion.