The 3 Most Important Bike Safety Tips for the Everyday Cyclist

Always be cautious around angry driversEveryday cyclists should understand the importance of bike safety, and should be taking every precaution to ensure that they, and the people around them, can be safe at all times. Whether you are just starting to commute to work by bike, or have been riding every day for years, here are a few essential bike safety tips we think you benefit from keeping in mind.

The 3 Most Important Bike Safety Tips

  • Exaggerate Your Movements – When you’re riding, it is important that drivers around you understand completely what you are doing. That means that if you have to wave your arms around and flailing dramatically to signal that you want to turn, then you should definitely be doing that if it means that motorists will have a better chance of seeing you. Look over your shoulder dramatically, like a Disney villain, before making a turn as well. The driver behind you should take notice. The important thing here is to always make sure you are seen. Don’t signal a turn with a slight head nod in one direction.
  • Use the Full Lane – Don’t be tempted to ride in the far right of a lane. This can cause a lot of safety concerns. Some of the more obvious hazards include parallel parked cars opening their doors and motorists trying to pass you. You have every right to take the full lane, and you should for your own safety. If you ride to the side, a passing motorist may get too close and clip you. Cars pulling out of stop signs and lights will have a harder time seeing you if you are too far to the right. The safest place to be really is in the middle of the lane. Don’t mind the driver behind you, they’ll get over it. They may not realize it, but you’re doing them a favor as well by following the traffic laws.
  • Safety Gear – Wearing the right safety gear, and installing the proper equipment on your bicycle is crucial. If you don’t know exactly what your bike should be outfitted with to ensure safety, read our list of required bike equipment. Always have a front light, reflectors, and any other required gear on your bike at all times so that not only do you avoid a bicycle accident, but you can avoid a fine. Also, wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of brain injury if you are in an accident. Brain injury is the leading cause of death in relation to bicycle accidents. Strap a brain bucket on, and stop caring whether or not it looks cool. A helmet is so much cooler than a cracked skull.

Read on here for more bike safety tips.

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