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Bike-Counting Camera Troubles Making Trouble for City Planners

One of the ways that San Diego has been gathering data on bicycling in the city is through the use of cameras. The cameras are mounted at intersections, next to the stoplights, and are being used to help the city plan for future transportation projects. However, the cameras, purchased in 2014, are not always working as intended. They are supposed to use patented technology to count bicyclists and extend green lights to help bicyclists get through intersections safely. But the footage is telling a different story than the sensors. By looking back at the recorded footage and counting, by hand, how many bicyclists are coming through, city engineers have seen that the hand counts are different from the automated tallies. How different? The engineers would not say. They instead explained that the technology to distinguish between bikes and cars is still evolving and that the company who makes the cameras,…
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Be a “Roll Model” – Encourage Cycling Safety in California

The California Office of Traffic Safety is encouraging cyclists in the state to become “roll models.” The effort comes during May, which is National Bicycle Safety Month. Roll models are cyclists who are actively decreasing the risks of traffic crashes, preventable injuries and deaths. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 818 cyclists died and over 45,000 were injured in 2015. Cycling deaths increased 12 percent from 2014, highlighting the need for comprehensive education and awareness efforts. How to Be a Roll Model Ride and Drive Focused. Avoid distractions while cycling, such as listening to music. Ride and Drive Prepared. Cycling accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and can lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries. Prepare and expect the unexpected. Safety First. Make sure you never get on a bicycle without a helmet. Ensure night safety by making sure you have all of the needed reflectors…
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How To Make Common Repairs on My Bicycle: Part 1

It’s a beautiful day in sunny San Diego and you decide it’s a good day for a bike ride. But when you go into the garage, your bicycle is slumped forward, resting on a sad pile of deflated rubber. You’ve got a flat – but don’t let that stop you from getting out there! You don’t need to take your bike to a repair shop for a flat tire. Here’s a DIY guide to get your bike back up and running. What you need: an adjustable wrench, chalk, two tire irons, a bike pump, a bucket, a tire pressure gauge, rags, a tire patch kit, talcum powder and about 30 minutes. Remove the wheel from the bike, using the wrench to loosen the nuts holding the wheel to the bike. If it’s a back tire of a single, 3- or 5-speed bike, use the wrench to remove the break band…
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