5 Bike Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Ride Like New

Active young bikers with safety gears cycling on urban roadBike maintenance is crucial if you want your ride to last. It’s important to learn how to deal with minor issues as they arise, such as changing tire tubes or replacing a broken spoke, but an even better solution is to take good care of your bike so that you can avoid certain problems. Here are some bike maintenance tips to keep your bike rolling like new.

5 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Bike in Good Shape

  1. Storage – If you aren’t already doing so, start keeping your bike indoors or in a garage somewhere. If you leave it outside, it can be exposed to various elements which may slowly cause the bike to rust or deteriorate.
  2. Regular cleaning – It’s important that you clean your ride regularly so that dirt and grime don’t have a chance to settle in and start eating your bike. Give your ride a good bath every time you get it visibly dirty, or, if it didn’t get too dirty, clean it every 20 rides or so.
  3. Don’t lean your bike on the top tube – Leaning the top tube of your bike against a hard surface can scratch, maybe even dent, the tube. Over time, these scratches and dents may compromise the strength of the tube.
  4. Use less chain lube – Many riders tend to use too much chain lube. This can create huge buildups of grime. That grime will cause deterioration in the drivetrain and anywhere else that the excess lube drips.
  5. Replace your bar tape – Bar tape is not impervious. Sweat, dirt, water, and other things can get under the tape, causing serious wear and tear on your handlebars. Make sure you change out your bar tap every few months, or if you notice a tear.

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