5 Tips for Riding in a Cycling Group

iStock_000002306582_LargeOne of the best parts about cycling is the culture. Meeting and befriending your fellow riders will make the entire experience better. A popular activity among cycling friends is to go for a group ride.

Riding in a cycling group can be difficult if you’ve never done it before or if nobody has given you the scoop on proper group ride etiquette or bike safety.

The Scoop on Proper Group Ride Etiquette

Here are five of the most important tips we can give you to make sure you have the best, and safest, experience possible during your group ride.

  1. Meet the Leader – the first thing you should do when you arrive at the meeting spot for a group ride is say hi to the leaders. Let them know if you’re new to group riding, and they can help you out. They will want to know that you are there and that you are less experienced.
  2. Predictability is Key – In order for everyone to stay safe during a group ride, it’s important that everyone be as predictable as possible. That means don’t make any sudden turns or lane changes. Bumping into another rider can cause a huge accident.
  3. Stay with the Group – Riding with a cycling group is all about socializing and hanging out with fellow cyclists. Group riding won’t be any fun if you’re too far behind or in front of everyone else. If you want to go fast, go alone or with a faster group.
  4. On the Left – Whether you need to slow down or want to pass someone, always do so on the left. Again, predictability is important in a group ride. Riding on the shoulder of a lane is also more prone to get you a flat tire since there is often more trash and uneven terrain.
  5. Watch Out for Wheel Overlap – Always avoid getting so close to the rider in front of you that your front wheel overlaps their rear wheel. Veteran riders call it half wheeling, and it’s a recipe for disaster. One small move could cause a bicycle accident.

The most important thing to remember during a group ride is that you are there to have fun. If you feel that you can’t keep up, or even if you’re just not into it, make sure that you tell someone before you drop off to turn back. Otherwise, go out there and have fun with your fellow cyclists.

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