Arizona City Hazardous for Cyclists

The city of Payson, Arizona is particularly dangerous for bicyclists. According to the Payson Roundup, the bicycle accident rate for bike-motor vehicle crashes is five times above the national average. Typically the motorist is at fault in these accidents, but residents in Payson claim that cyclists often fail to yield to traffic.

Chief Don Engler claims he has received many calls lately from motorists about cyclists pulling out into traffic without even looking. He says there have been countless calls about narrowly avoided collisions.

“I have had quite a few comments from citizens and volunteers on patrol who say bicyclists are failing to yield at stop signs,” he says. “Bikers need to review the law.”

The law in Arizona holds bicyclists to the same standards on the road as motorists. They must yield to traffic, stop at lights and signs and follow all bicycle safety laws.

“With the accidents we have had, especially along Beeline, they have gone both ways,” says Engler. “There have been bicyclists that have hit vehicles that are stopped and there have also been vehicles that are starting to pull out that have collided with bicycles, so I think it is a two-way street and both need to be cognizant and aware of the other one.”

Payson accounted for 3.62% of all Arizona bicycle accidents in 2010, despite not being a large city. Engler encourages all cyclists to wear a bicycle helmet and always be alert on the road.

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