Cyclist Continues Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury

North Carolina cyclist Ibrahim Myers continues his path to recovery from a traumatic bicycle accident in June of 2011, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. Myers, 36, suffered severe brain injuries after colliding with a van. Myers was not wearing a bicycle helmet.

Myers remains in a rehabilitation facility at Oak Forest Health and Rehabilitation in Winston-Salem. It may be a while—if ever—before he returns to cycling, but the fact that he is alive is a miracle in itself. He has lost the majority of his motor skills.

“He looked at mom out of the blue and did the ‘I love you’ sign with his hand,” said his brother, Michael Myers.

Myers, leaving his shift as a deliveryman for a downtown sub shop, collided with the van shortly before 11 p.m. His family did not expect him to survive.

“In June, there wasn’t any sign that he was going to pull through,’ said Michael. “There wasn’t any sign he was going to wake up.”

“I squeeze his hand and he starts mimicking my movement,” he continued. “If I hold his hand, he’ll start arm wrestling with me. He has a pretty mean grip with his left hand.”

Myers story is inspiring and sad at the same time. Cyclists must always remember to wear a helmet, no matter how much experience they have.

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