Austin Police Department Announces Bicycle Safety Initiative

The Austin Police Department announced that it would begin to target motorists that fail to provide a cushion when passing cyclists on the street as part of its bicycle safety initiative. Police will be targeting both motorists and cyclists that break the law, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said, according to KTCB-TV in Austin.

“This is your warning. Starting on the 8th [of May] we will have undercover officers…if you are stopped by a member of the APD under this initiative for failure to obey the passing rule, you will be cited,” Acevedo told reporters.

The law in Austin requires motorists to leave a three to six foot cushion while passing cyclists. If there is no room, the motorist must wait.

“We are going to see some new strides in enforcing it consistent with other measures that have been taken in other cities, as everyone recognizes that we really need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to protect the most vulnerable users of the road out there,” said Austin City Councilman Bill Riley.

It is great to see law enforcement making safety such a high priority in a city full of cyclists such as Austin.

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Tip of the week: The Austin Police Department cited 550 cyclists in 2012.

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