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Don’t Get Hit By an Opening Door While Cycling – Here Are Some Tips

Any veteran cyclist can tell you, there are few things as scary as a long line of parallel parked cars. It’s like the most terrifying game of duck, duck, goose you’ll ever play. An opening car door can be seriously painful, or worse, push or scare you into the path of moving vehicles; ouch. So, we’ve got some bike safety tips to help save you from being hit by an opening car door while riding a bike. How to Avoid Getting Doored Be Vigilant – The first, and most obvious, tip we can give you is to be very aware that you’re approaching a minefield. When you come up on a row of parked cars, turn your Spidey senses up to max. Try to look out for people still in their cars, and be ready to stop. Don’t Swerve – It’s very important that you stop, NOT SWERVE. If a…
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Should There Be Heavier Penalties for Drivers Who Violate Bicycle Laws?

As cycling becomes more and more popular, so too do bicycle accidents. While it is true that cycling is still relatively safer than it was 30 years ago, America has seen a large spike in the number of injuries and fatalities among riders. This is due to the fact there are simply more cyclists on the roads today. The more popular cycling gets, the more people there are to cry out for stricter punishments for motorists who cause harm to riders. Many cyclists are rallying behind a call for harsher fines and penalties for motorists who violate bicycle laws. Hopefully, that would encourage drivers to operate more safely and prevent future bicycle accidents. How Many More Cyclists Are Out There Now? The number of actual cyclists on the road increased by more than 62 percent between 2000 and 2013. In cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, there have…
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Are E-Bikes Illegal?

Bicycles have not changed too much in the past century, remaining relatively the same since the early 1900s with the exception of a few technical advances. E-bikes are evidence that our beloved pastime still has the capacity to evolve and adapt. The e-bike is a great for any rider, offering enhanced speed and power. These electric bikes can make climbing a hill or riding into the wind so much easier, and therefore more enjoyable for the countless cyclists out there just looking for a relaxing ride. However, not everyone is such a fan of the technological wonder that is the E-bike. Many, mostly pedestrians, are becoming increasingly aggravated with riders of e-bikes. This is mainly due to the increased speed and power. Many argue that riders are not as capable of controlling their bikes and are causing a number of pedestrian accidents and ‘clipping’ people on sidewalks. Are E-bikes Illegal?…
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