Pittsburgh Boy Lucky To Survive Bicycle Collision with SUV

A young Pittsburgh boy is lucky to be alive after a tragic bicycle accident in which he was struck by an SUV. Ian Engle, 8, suffered a fractured skull, a broken clavicle and severe skin abrasions all over his body, according to WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh. He remains in a local hospital.

Ian was riding with his father and his twin sister on April 22 when he was hit by the SUV on a residential road. The driver remained on the scene and is not expected to face charges. Ian’s mother, Kristen Engle, would like to see more marked bike lanes in Pittsburgh and feels they may protect cyclists in future incidents.

“I’d like to see those paths where those kids lose their attention and the worst things that happen is, if they have a helmet on, they get a skinned knee,” Kristen told local reporters.

Bike Pittsburgh Executive Director Scott Bricker would also like to see more bike lanes added to roads, but in the meantime,  he is trying to raise awareness for motorists and cyclists alike.

“Everyone in a car is a pedestrian at some point and many of them want to be bicyclists at some point but they don’t feel safe enough to do so,” said Bricker.

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Tip of the week: After two streets in Minneapolis were converted to be more bicycle friendly, bike traffic increased 43 percent  and the total number of vehicle crashes decreased.

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