These Are the Best Foods for Recovering from a Bicycle Accident Injury

iStock_000006088567_LargeNutrition is always important no matter where you are in life, but it becomes even more important when you are recovering from a bicycle accident injury.

Food has a lot of power. Good, healthy food choices can lift your mood and promote rapid recovery. A good balance of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants will help you get back to your best as fast as possible.

What Kind of Meat Should I Eat?

After a bicycle injury, it’s important to get a healthy intake of protein to help rebuild damaged tissue. Scientists say that protein is essential for repairing muscle damage. That’s why athletes and body builders like to consume so much protein; it helps promote growth and recovery. Look for leaner meats with lower fat content such as poultry, fish, and extra lean beef.

What About Produce?

Veggies high in vitamin A are great for producing white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for fighting off infections inside the body, so the more white blood cells you have, the better. Vitamin A also helps repair damaged skin quicker and stronger. Fruits that have high vitamin C content are also great for skin and collagen repair. To get that road rash healing faster, go get some oranges, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes, broccoli, or kale.

Should I Get Some Dairy?

Absolutely! Dairy products like milk and yogurts are high in calcium, the mineral responsible for growing and repairing bones. Get milk with high vitamin D to promote calcium intake so that you can start rebuilding bone and muscle quicker than ever.

What Else?

Look for food with high zinc content. Zinc is proven to promote healing and recovery. Red meat typically has a lot of zinc, but try to get red meat that is lean. Also, there are a lot of really good cereals out there that are high in zinc. A good, fortified cereal will have a healthy amount of zinc as well as carbohydrates, which act as fuel for the body, so go dig into a bowl of cereal with vitamin D milk.

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