Are California Cities Warming Up to the Idea of Cycling?

Are California Cities Warming Up to the Idea of Cycling?A San Francisco bike lane has been awarded the honor of being in America’s Ten Best Bike Lanes of 2014. PeopleForBikes, a national bike advocacy group consisting of representatives from the cycling industry, retailers and cycling advocates, awarded the bike lane the prestigious honor, because it is a protected contra-flow lane on a very busy street.

A contra-lane means that bike traffic is going the opposite direction of vehicle traffic. San Francisco’s Regional Transportation Agency has applauded the award-winning lane, saying that it honors a strong commitment to keep cyclists safe.

The award winning bike lane also allows easy access for an alternative mode of transportation in one of San Francisco’s most cluttered roadways. After 15 years of planning, the Polk Street bike lane was built as one of many projects funded through a $248 million bond.

Polk Street, where the lane is located, has numerous bus routes and loading zones. Once completed, the lane will stretch around the entirety of Polk Street.

What Other Bike Lanes Are in Development?

San Francisco is not the only city that has been experimenting with new bike lanes. We have written previous articles for our readers about the Bayshore Bikeway, which will surround Coronado Bay and offer cyclists a beautiful view of San Diego.

In addition to the Bayshore Bikeway, places in Point Loma are starting construction on landscape improvements and additional bike lanes. Point Loma officials are claiming that the extra bike lanes will make North Harbor Drive safer for cyclists and more accessible to everyone.

California is setting a trend with cycling by adding new bike lanes, but also by making them enticing to use. As a scenic and health conscious state, California can make cycling a more mainstream mode of transportation, helping the environment and health of Californians.

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Did You Know? The average annual operating cost of a bicycle is $308, while the average annual operating cost of a car is $8,220.

You can read more about the Polk Bike Lane by visiting the San Francisco Examiner website.