Cyclist Injured in Orange County Bicycle Accident

A bicyclist was taken to a hospital after an accident in Buena Park on June 5, according to the Orange County Register. Police told reporters they believed the motorist struck one or two vehicles before hitting the cyclist. The cyclist, who was not identified, is expected to survive the injuries. The accident remains under investigation.

The investigation should answer some of the many questions surrounding this incident. If, in fact, the driver hit at least one or two other vehicles before the cyclist, this could be an instance of drunk driving or distracted driving, and the driver can expect to face charges.

Cyclists and motorists must always be cautious while driving, but there are steps that community leaders and legislators can take to prevent bicycle accidents, such as installing bike lanes on roads. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), about 25 percent of cyclists have roads with marked bike lanes available to them in their community. Bike lanes protect cyclists, motorists and pedestrians by clearly marking off a visible lane for the cyclists to ride in. If your community does not have marked bike lanes, you should urge local lawmakers to consider adding some.

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Tip of the week: According to the U.S. DOT, 32% of the population is “dissatisfied with their community designs for making biking safe.”

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