San Francisco Woman Injured in Bicycle Accident

A San Francisco woman was taken to the hospital following a June 2 bicycle accident, according to the Marin Independent Journal. Hayley Melidonis, 39, lost control of her bicycle as she was attempting to apply the brakes while riding down a hill.

“She came into that left hand curve, locked up her brakes, went out of control and crashed,” said California Highway Patrol spokesman Andrew Barclay. Melidonis was taken to Marin General Hospital.

A thorough investigation of this accident should help to answer some of the questions that remain surrounding it. If you are involved in an accident such as this, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Much of the evidence used in cases such as this is gathered in the first 24 hours following the accident. Try and record all the details you can following the accident—get the names of potential witnesses and take photographs if it is possible. The more information you can provide to your attorney, the stronger your case will be.

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Tip of the week: A cyclist is killed in the United States every six hours.

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