Cyclist’s 3,000-Mile Ride Nearly Cut Short by San Diego Bicycle Accident

A San Diego bicycle accident almost derailed Scott Whidden’s 3,400-plus mile roundtrip ride from Seattle to Mexico, according to Scott began his ride in July by taking part in the annual Seattle-to-Portland Classic, a 205-mile trek between the two northwest cities that included 10,000 riders. However, once the event ended in Portland, Scott kept going.

Whidden was determined to match a feat his father had accomplished 30 years ago: riding from Seattle, Washington to Santa Cruz, California.

“I was pretty sure I could make it,” Whidden told

Not only did Scott match his father’s feat, he surpassed it, riding all the way down to Tijuana, Mexico and making the return trip all the way back to Seattle.

“I wasn’t planning on doing that,” Whidden said. “But things went better than I thought they would on the way down. So, I figured I’d ride my bike home.”

Scott never stayed at a hotel during his trip. He would stop at state parks and other campsites and wooded meadows along the way and sleep in his tent. His parents worried about him and wanted him to call or text them each day.

“We had a little anxiety whenever we didn’t hear from him,” Wayne Whidden, Scott’s father, told

Despite his parents’ worries, Scott’s trip was almost without incident. He had four flat tires along the way and was nearly hit by a car at an intersection in San Diego.

There is sometimes a thin line between a narrow escape and a worst-case scenario. Scott accomplished a great feat, but it all could have come crashing to a halt in the blink of an eye if that car in San Diego had hit him.

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Tip of the Week: On long rides, take a quart of water for every 10 miles you ride and double that if temperatures go above 90 degrees.

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