Morning vs. Evening Cycling: When Is the Best Time to Ride a Bike?

california bike lawsCyclists have been arguing for decades over the benefits of morning vs. evening cycling. Despite numerous studies and professional opinions, neither side has really come out on top. The simple truth is that cycling is very subjective. However, it can’t hurt to hear what the early birds and night owls have to say and see where your allegiance lies.

Bicycling in the Morning

Early birds have argued that riding in the morning is by far the better choice. They believe that since our glucose levels are generally as much as 15-20 percent lower in the morning when we first wake up, morning is the best time to ride if you want to lose weight. Because of the lower glucose levels, some experts say that the body will be forced to burn off fat if you begin training before breakfast.

Early birds have also named the following benefits to morning rides:

  • Sunrises
  • Morning mist
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Less traffic
  • The worm

Bicycling in the Evening

Night owls are in complete disagreement with the early birds on their fat burning theory, arguing that riding in the morning before breakfast will actually do more harm than good, since it will shock your body and cause it to compensate for the rest of the day, meaning it may start hoarding any fat you eat.

Night owls love that riding later in the day means:

  • Not going to work after a ride
  • More alert in the afternoon
  • Recovery food is a full dinner
  • Sleep is only a few hours away

What works best for you? If you don’t have a set time, try both morning and evening and let us know which feels better!