Oceanside Implementing More Bicycle Safety Measures on Coast Highway

iStock_000020151647_LargeResidents and city council members in Oceanside were reminded of the importance of bicycle safety after the tragic death of a 12-year-old boy. The boy was riding his bike to school when he was struck and killed by a truck on Coastal Highway. Family of the victim and other residents started a campaign called the Logan Lipton Bike Path Initiative; their primary goal being to force city officials to improve road safety for cyclists.

What Has Been Done to Increase Bike Safety in Oceanside?

Currently, Oceanside has plans to start posting more speed limit signs along Coastal Highway as well as setting up speed monitoring devices in an effort to persuade drivers to reduce their speed.

One stretch of the highway in particular, which residents refer to as the “dip,” is especially dangerous. Locals say that cars are driving too fast, the bike lanes are too narrow, and the road has uneven pavement; all of which contribute to an extremely hazardous spot for riders, especially children.

During a special meeting held by city council, city traffic engineer David DiPierro suggested that businesses in the dangerous area help make the road safer by removing objects and advertisements that may hinder drivers’ views. The boy’s family and other locals were adamant that more needed to be done to improve road safety for bicycles.

On possible solution is to finish the Coastal Rail Trail, a proposed 40-mile stretch of trail that connects Oceanside and San Diego. The trail would potentially eliminate the need for cyclists to get on Coastal highway at all.

The city says that it would cost $5 million to finish researching, designing, and building the trail. Oceanside recently requested $500,000 from the San Diego Association of Governments to help pay for the research on the project, but their request was not granted.