Defendant in Fatal DUI Bicycle Accident Contemplates Plea Bargain

A judge in Santa Maria, California extended the deadline for a defendant to consider a plea bargain in a fatal DUI bicycle accident case, according to the Aaron Richard Ceja, 20, of Nipomo, is facing vehicular manslaughter and DUI charges after crashing into a cyclist in rural Arroyo Grande in June of 2011. His blood alcohol concentration was over twice the legal limit.

Ceja’s attorney, James Royer, believes they may be close to reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution.

“I don’t want him to think he was forced into anything,” says Royer. “I don’t want him to feel pressured. We are close to a resolution.”

Royer claims that there is an offer from prosecution that includes a prison sentence, but did not specify how long. Royer says his client deserves to serve his time in a County Jail as opposed to a state prison, citing that this is his first offense and he is a “good kid.”

The victim was 26-year-old David Williams of Fulham, England. With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, be sure to have a designated driver. If you are out on the roadways be alert and cautious.

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