Four Safety Tips for Cycling at Night

Four Safety Tips for Cycling at Night

If you are leaving work in the evening, participating in an evening group cycling event or just enjoy cycling later in the day, you should be cautious. Keep in mind the following safety tips for cycling at night:

  1. Map safe routes. When riding at night, plan out safe biking routes beforehand. To determine the safest routes, ride them in the daytime first. This can help ensure that there are no possible hazards, such as potholes, fallen tree branches or road work debris. Make sure to ride in designated bike lanes or well-lit streets when cycling in the evening.
  2. Bike lights. Buy front and rear bike lights for biking at night. The rear light should be red and have a blinking function. The blinking helps to catch the eye of oncoming motorists. It is important that your bike lights have a long-lasting battery and strong light source to illuminate the road ahead of you as you ride. LED lights usually provide the most visibility. You can learn more about California bike lighting requirements here.
  3. Reflective clothing. Wear a reflective vest or other safety gear as you ride at night. Reflective clothing helps motorists spot you. You want reflective material along your back, so motorists will be able to see you when approaching from behind. You can even purchase reflective pedals as well as wrist and ankle wear to help increase visibility.
  4. Technology. There are radar devices that can alert you when a car is coming up behind you. It can also light up to warn oncoming motorists that you are cycling ahead.

Always exercise extra caution when riding at night. Consider lowering your speeds when turning dark corners or riding on lanes that merge with traffic. If you’re not on a well-lit street, it may be best to get off your bike and walk until you feel safe to ride again.

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