What Are the Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

What Are the Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents?

There are a handful of situations that tend to cause the most bicycle accidents. Below, our San Diego bicycle accident attorney explains some of the most common types of bicycle accidents and how you can help to avoid them.

Right Cross Bike Accident

A right cross bike accident is the most common cause of a bicycle accident. A right cross accident occurs when a car pulls out from the right side of a street, parking lot or driveway. The car either hits the cyclist or the cyclist hits the car.

You can help avoid a right cross bike accident by:

Left Cross Bike Accident

A left cross bike accident occurs when a car coming from the opposite direction of a cyclist turns left in front of the cyclist or into the cyclist.

You can help avoid a left cross bike accident. Try these bicycle safety tips:

  • Get a headlight for your bike
  • Do not pass motorists on the right
  • Make eye contact with the drivers opposite of you preparing to turn

Right Hook Bike Accident

One of the most common bike accidents is a right hook bike accident. A right hook bike accident may happen when a car passes a cyclist on the cyclist’s left. Then, the motorist makes an immediate right turn either just in front of the cyclist or directly into the cyclist. You can help avoid this type of accident by riding fully in the lane rather than on the far left or sidewalk.

Door Prize Bike Accident

A door prize bike accident refers to when a parallel parked car opens its doors right in front of a cyclist. The cyclist either hits the door or is forced into the path of a moving car when trying to avoid the door. Riding further left in the lane should help you avoid a door prize accident. 

Rear Ending Bike Accident

A rear end bike accident occurs when a cyclist is riding far right in the lane. If there is a parked car or another obstacle in the lane, the cyclist may be forced to move left into the path of a motorist who hits the cyclist from behind.

As a cyclist, follow these tips to avoid a rear end bike accident:

  • Ride further left in the lane
  • Use a mirror to see cars approaching from behind
  • Refrain from dipping in and out of the traffic lane

Red Light Bike Accident

A red light bike accident can occur when a cyclist comes to a red light and stops to the right of a waiting car. When the light turns green, the motorist may turn right and can hit the cyclist.

As a cyclist, you should avoid stopping to the right of cars at stop signs or red lights. Instead, you should stop behind them.

Wrong Way Bike Accident

A wrong way bike accident may occur when a cyclist is riding on the wrong side of the road. A car could pull out from the left and hit the cyclist. You can avoid this type of bicycle accident by never riding against traffic. You should always follow California bike laws.

Have You Been Injured in a San Diego Bike Accident Due to Someone Else’s Negligence?

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you should seek medical attention and contact a bicycle accident lawyer about your situation. We understand that you may have many questions about what to do next. Our San Diego bicycle accident lawyer helps victims of cycling accidents across California. Call us today at (858) 261-5454 or contact us online.