Local Cyclist Killed in Accident

A Santa Cruz man died in a bicycle accident on May 12, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Stephen Pollard was riding on King Street when lost control of his bicycle, flipping over the handlebars. Pollard, 75, was knocked unconscious by the fall but was breathing, according to Lt. Larry Richard of the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Several bystanders rushed to his aid and emergency responders took him to Dominican Hospital, where he died from his injuries. Coroner’s officials have not released an official cause of death and the accident remains under investigation. Pollard was wearing a bicycle helmet at the time.

Jim Langley, a cycling advocate, befriended Pollard about 25 years ago over a game of ping-pong. Langley and Pollard formed the Santa Cruz Table Tennis Club. Langley also shared his other passion with Pollard—cycling. In fact, Langley gave Pollard the cycle he was riding at the time of the accident as a gift.

“He began walking and biking everywhere years ago; he loved the outdoors and meeting people,” said Langley. “He was one of those people everyone knows. He had this regular routine of coffee shop, Trader Joe’s, the Literary Guillotine. He was quite a Santa Cruz figure. He was influential in a lot of our lives.”

It is a shame whenever a tragedy like this occurs, especially to such a beloved member of the community. It serves as a reminder of how important it is to take all safety measures.

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