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Two Graduate Students Develop ‘Invisible’ Bicycle Helmet

Two graduate students in Sweden have developed a new “invisible” bicycle helmet that uses technology similar to a vehicle airbag, according to NBC News. The “invisible” bike helmet, which has been dubbed the Hövding, is actually not a helmet at all but a device that is worn around the cyclist’s neck. The Hövding is designed to shoot a protective, inflatable nylon hood around the rider’s head within one tenth of a second of impact. The two grad students who designed the Hövding, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt, did so because as cyclists themselves, they desired head protection that was more fashionable and did not ruin their hair. Alstin and Haupt, who studied Industrial Design at Sweden’s University of Lund, began working on the “invisible” helmet in 2005. It took seven years for the two to engineer, refine and test the collar. Alstin and Haupt were even able to enlist the…
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Cyclist Seriously Injured in Poway Bicycle Accident

On October 26, a cyclist was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident while taking part in a cancer ride in Poway, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. The Pedal the Cause ride, which raises funds for cancer research, was in full swing on SR-67 when the accident occurred. The crash happened shortly before 9:45 a.m. The cyclist was hit by a Dodge pickup truck, according to witnesses. “The incident was reported as a hit-and-run because the pickup driver and another motorist, reportedly jockeying to be first where the two lanes merged, kept going,” sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Brunk told the Union-Tribune. The driver of the Dodge and the other car, a Volvo S60, were later stopped in Ramona. The pickup truck driver reportedly denied having any idea that he had struck the cyclist, and both he and the Volvo driver told the authorities they did not even remember seeing the cyclist….
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Newport Beach Cyclist Killed in Minivan Collision

A 58-year-old cyclist was critically injured in a bicycle accident with a minivan late last month, according to the Los Angeles Times. A news release from the Newport Beach Police Department chronicles the accident, which took place near the intersection of the East Pacific Coast Highway and Newport Coast Drive. The collision involved a white minivan and bicyclist Debra Healy Deem of Laguna Beach. Prior to the wreck, Debra Deem had been riding her bicycle west along the East Pacific Coast Highway. The collision occurred just east of Newport Coast Drive. The accident was reported to the police at 4:27 p.m. Despite wearing a bicycle helmet, Debra still suffered major head trauma in the wreck. “Paramedics responded and transported Deem to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo,” said Newport Beach Fire Capt. Dan Chapman. Deem’s injuries proved fatal, and she died in the hospital a day after the accident. Deem is…
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