New Product Provides Cyclists with Bike Lane

Riding at night and riding on roads without bicycle lanes are some of the greatest dangers facing cyclists. A new product may help to eliminate some of the risk, however. The new product, called Xfire Safety, illuminates a personal bike lane on the road or pathway for the cyclist. Xfire uses lasers mounted on the bike to display lanes on each side of the cyclist, visible to motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists even under headlamps and streetlights.

The device uses two 5-milliwatt red lasers to project the lane, powered by two AAA batteries and retails for $39.99. It also serves as a standard tail light.

Without having tested this product, the Bonnici Law Group certainly cannot outright endorse it. XFire is pending approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. It is a very innovative and interesting idea. Since the video shows the product being used only at night, we are interested in seeing how visible the lane is during the day. Anything that makes you more visible to motorists is great, but this product should not provide a false sense of security for cyclists.

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