New York Cyclist Killed After Hitting Mail Truck

A 63-year-old cyclist in New York died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kenneth Phelps of Malta, New York collided with a parked mail truck on December 20. He suffered major injuries and was airlifted to Saratoga Hospital.

The mail truck, driven by Paul Evers, was parked and had its flashers on, according to police reports. Investigators are considering all possibilities—maybe he was distracted, couldn’t see the truck or had a medical condition that caused him to wreck. No citations were issued.

The accident left a large dent on the back of the truck. Witnesses say that just prior to the accident Phelps had his head down.

“I heard the noise inside,” said one witness. “It sounded like a huge collision.”

All the experience and safety equipment in the world does not make a difference for a cyclist who does not ride carefully. Always ride cautiously and be aware of all conditions on the road.

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