Pedestrian Sues City After Bicycle Accident

A pedestrian who was injured in a bicycle accident may now sue the city of New York for $3 million, according to Dana Jacks, 37, was crossing a road in Prospect Park in New York when she was struck by a cyclist. She suffered serious head and brain injuries, according to reports, spending two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and nearly a month in the hospital.

“My recovery is ongoing and I am receiving wonderful care,” said Jacks. “I feel very fortunate to have an amazing support system of friend and family.”

Jacks is now planning to sue the city and claims that the park is dangerous for pedestrians. The suit claims the city is “failing to make and enforce proper speed limits and regulations regarding bicycle riders.”

“We would like to see a change in the culture of racing in the park. The cyclist has taken over, especially when traffic is heavy,” said attorney Forrest Cicogni. “There seems to be a delineation between when [cyclists] can do their significant training and the time when people can enjoy the park.”

Do you think cyclists should be allowed to race in the park?

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