Cyclist Struck By SUV On Road

A 23-year-old woman is injured after a car/bicycle accident in San Diego, according to According to police reports, the accident occurred on College Avenue near Cresita Drive. According to San Diego Police Officer Dino Delimitros, the Hyundai SUV struck her as she was riding along the street.

According to reports, the cyclist was riding in the slow lane and the vehicle did not leave enough room when passing, clipping the bike. The young woman fell after her bike hit the curb. She suffered major injuries and fractures to her face. The driver stopped and cooperated with police.

Some witnesses said that there were parallel-parked cars on the side of the road, leaving less room for the cyclist. Motorists need to treat cyclists according to the same laws they would treat another vehicle. You would not attempt to pass a car on the left if there was not enough room, so why a bicycle?

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