San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney Sheds Light on Chicago Police Officer’s Attempted Cover-Up

An off-duty police officer in Chicago has found himself in some hot water following an auto collision involving a bicyclist and his actions following the accident, according to According to reports, Michael Bergeson, 33, called police after he crashed his car into the cyclists, but claimed he did not know what caused her injury.

The girl was riding her bicycle with her boyfriend riding behind her when she was struck by Bergeson in his F-150 truck. The victim flew over the hood of the car and landed on the pavement, where she was visibly bleeding from her head. After calling police, Bergeson moved his car away from the victim, striking two parked cars in the process and causing his license plate to come off his truck.

Bergeson got out of his truck and called 911, allegedly saying “female down, reason unknown, appears to be conscious.”  The woman was rushed to the hospital and Bergeson went about his day. Later that day, after investigators were able to trace the accident back to Bergeson using the license plate, police went to his apartment where he did not answer the door and the truck was nowhere to be found.

Two days after the accident, Bergeson filed a police report in Chicago, stating the cyclist ran through a stop sign and hit his truck and knocked his license plate off. Forensic and medical experts were not buying his version of events, and the officer was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, disorderly conduct and filing a false police report.

It is disappointing to see a police officer try and cover up this bicycle accident. If it truly was an accident, Bergeson should have just been truthful from the start.

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