San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorney Weighs in on Fatal Collision

A young man in San Antonio recently lost his father in a bicycle accident, and he is determined to make sure others do not have to go through the grief and hardship he has endured. James Shepard, 44, died in a bicycle accident just north of downtown San Antonio when he was struck by an SUV.

James was riding home from work after dark. He was riding without a helmet, lights or reflectors on his bike. He was not riding in a bike lane. James’ son, Kyle Goff-Shepard, was heartbroken to learn the news.

“It would be nice if everyone wore helmets, you know a lot of bicyclists do but I see people that don’t, and where dad’s wound was on his head, I honestly feel if he was wearing his helmet I feel this might have been a little different as well,” said Kyle.

The police ruled the death accidental, but cyclists can still prevent injury and death by taking certain steps. Cyclists should regularly maintain their bikes and equip them with reflectors and lights. You should have your bike inspected annually to make sure brakes are working properly and tires are inflated correctly. And of course, never ride without your helmet. Please visit our site for more information.

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