San Diego Cyclist Struck by Car, Killed

A San Diego bicyclist died from injuries after an SUV hit him, according to NBC News in San Diego. The car struck the male cyclist on the morning of March 22 in Kearny Mesa, according to reports. A Ford Expedition initially struck David Ortiz, 29, and spun him into traffic, where he was hit by two other cars, and a third car eventually laid to rest on top of his body. The road does not have bicycle lanes.

The cyclist wore a bicycle helmet that was destroyed in the bicycle accident. The California Highway Patrol responded to the accident and found Ortiz barely breathing. He died shortly after as a result of his injures. The San Diego Police Department is investigating the accident. They say his body was discovered on the shoulder, where he was supposed to be riding, but it is unclear if that is where he was initially struck. No citations have been issued so far.

Cyclists need to be especially careful on roads where surface streets cross freeway on/off ramps. Consider attending a traffic safety course that teaches you how to cross these dangerous areas. Wear a helmet and make sure that you are visible. Never assume that cars will yield to you until you signal and receive acknowledgement from them.

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