San Diego Injury Attorney Applauds Bakersfield City Council for Protecting Cyclists

Bakersfield has made its city streets and urban areas more accessible to cyclists and safer for all commuters. Bob Smith of the Bakersfield City Council recently highlighted the steps taken by the council and the Community Services Committee in a contribution to the Bakersfield Californian.

Bike lanes will be added to roads, existing bike paths are slotted for re-pavement and “end-of-trip” facilities are going to be built. These facilities will have bike racks and will be well-lit areas near parking facilities. They will come equipped with water fountains, showers and lockers.

“This is one of many steps the city is now taking in order to become a more bicycle-friendly city and thereby improve our quality of life,” Smith wrote. “These are the things that not only make life more pleasant for those of us already here, but have been shown to be an important consideration when people and businesses are considering relocation.”

Smith stressed that while all these improvements and amenities are great for the cycling community, nothing is a substitute for knowledge and awareness of bicycle safety laws.

“Beyond bike lanes, bike paths and shared-use roadways, education is of the utmost importance,” Smith said. “Adult traffic skill courses are now being offered by Bike Bakersfield. These courses provide the knowledge and on-road experience to people who ride on the bike path but simply do not feel comfortable on the streets. It is an empowering experience to know how to ride safely in the streets and not be confined only to the bike path.”

It is great that Brown is seeking real solutions to common problems. Cyclists deserve the right to ride safely, and you could be entitled to compensation if you sustained injuries in a bicycle accident that was caused by a negligent motorist or certain dangerous conditions that a municipality should have addressed. Contact our San Diego bicycle accident lawyer to help understand all of your legal rights.

Tip of the week: The Environmental Health Journal compiled data from 23 separate studies and determined there is conclusive evidence that bike paths, bike lanes and other facilities greatly reduce the risk of a bicycle accident.

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