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Injured In A Poway Bicycle Accident?

Poway is a suburb in San Diego County that was an unincorporated district until 1980. Poway offers scenic mountain views of the Twin Peaks in Southern California and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. If you are looking to get some fresh air and relax, Poway might be a good choice. The city is home to more than 4,700 acres of open space and 55+ miles of trails in its 25 parks. Poway is accommodating to street cyclists as well as mountain bikers. Trails winding through the mountains and woods of Aubrey Park, the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, Old Poway Park, Starridge Park and Lake Poway offer cyclists a change of pace from streets and typical bike paths. Espola Road is a scenic route that many cyclists enjoy to ride along, although it can become congested with heavy vehicle traffic. Poway is home to the annual Nick…
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San Diego Injury Attorney Applauds Bakersfield City Council for Protecting Cyclists

Bakersfield has made its city streets and urban areas more accessible to cyclists and safer for all commuters. Bob Smith of the Bakersfield City Council recently highlighted the steps taken by the council and the Community Services Committee in a contribution to the Bakersfield Californian. Bike lanes will be added to roads, existing bike paths are slotted for re-pavement and “end-of-trip” facilities are going to be built. These facilities will have bike racks and will be well-lit areas near parking facilities. They will come equipped with water fountains, showers and lockers. “This is one of many steps the city is now taking in order to become a more bicycle-friendly city and thereby improve our quality of life,” Smith wrote. “These are the things that not only make life more pleasant for those of us already here, but have been shown to be an important consideration when people and businesses are…
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San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyer Applauds Mayor Villaraigosa

In 2011, community organizers and legislators in Los Angeles approved a plan to expand and improve the bike paths throughout the city. Planning and funds were approved for 139 miles of bike paths and approximately 1,500 of bike lanes added to existing roads. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa—and avid cyclist who broke his elbow after he was struck by a taxi cab while riding in July of 2010—says his goal is to add 40 new “bikeable miles” a year. On November 16, Mayor Villaraigosa attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a newly completed bike path along the Los Angeles River near Tampa Avenue. “These are things that’ll happen over a long period of time, but they’re going to happen,” said Mayor Villaraigosa. “We did 76 this year, baby!” Officials hope the bike path will breathe new life into the area and attract more families. The bike paths will make Los Angeles safer for…
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