San Diego’s Bike to Work Day Postponed Due to Wildfire

San Diego’s annual Bike to Work Day is a big deal. For the uninitiated, Bike to Work Day is a national event usually held on the third Friday in May, national bike month, in which commuters are encouraged to give the car a break and take two wheels to work

Last year’s event included approximately 8,400 participants, a 16 percent increase from 2012. Furthermore, nearly 10,000 gallons of gas were saved. Bike to Work Day is a win-win for everyone; even those who do not participate enjoy the luxury of decreased traffic. Hopefully, Bike to Work Day will convince more motorists to support San Diego’s bike boom.

Photo of Tandem BikeUnfortunately, the Bike to Work Day previously scheduled for May 16 was postponed until May 30 due to the wildfire raging around San Diego. The air in parts of San Diego is riddled with smoke and is not safe to breathe while exercising. In addition, The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) concluded that all roads need to be as empty as possible to make way for emergency vehicles tending to flames.

“Our thoughts are with the families who have been impacted by the fires and the emergency responders who are working hard to save homes and lives,” said a SANDAG representative.

The decision to delay the event was met with support across the board.

“The bike coalition encourages residents countywide to participate in the delayed Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 30, and reminds all commuters to make safety the top priority in light of recent events and rising temperatures in San Diego County,” said a representative of the San Diego Bike Coalition.

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San Diego is in the midst of a serious emergency, which takes precedence over everything else in the city. We at the Bonnici Law Group, APC love our bikes and Bike to Work Day, but we realize the danger of riding your bike through smoke-filled air. As such, we advise everyone to stay as safe as possible until the wildfire is dealt with.  Do not fret, Bike to Work Day is still happening at the end of the month.

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[Did You Know: During last year’s National Bike Month, commuters logged 216,000 miles, the equivalent of nine trips around the earth.]

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