Supervisors Approve Study Into Bicycling Tube Over San Diego Bay

Since the 1980’s, Del Mar architect Lew Dominy has had a vision of runners and cyclists being able to cross the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in an enclosed tube suspended almost 200 feet over the water.  After several setbacks, Dominy is finally getting approval to study the project, thanks to a $75,000 grant approved by San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox and others.

The money for the study comes from a $1 million fund that each supervisor uses to invest in the community, through what is known as Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grants.

The study is meant to make sure that the almost 50-year-old bridge is structurally sound, and has enough seismic integrity to support the added weight of the walkway. The study will also examine public safety and emergency response potential.

Another concern is that the pedestrian walkway could cause problems for the Navy. Currently, Navy ships need about 200 feet of clearance under the bridge for ship antennas to be able to cross safely. The study would address those concerns as well.

If he is successful, Dominy believes that the unique structure could become an international landmark for San Diego, much like Seattle’s Space Needle or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

While cyclists in San Diego widely support the idea, Cox still has a few reservations about emergency response within the tunnel. If someone was injured inside the tunnel or suffered a heart attack, there would be limited means to reach them.

“I call it fatal-flaw study,” Cox said.

There are also no current estimates for construction costs or timeframes for building. Hopefully this study will provide more specifics on the feasibility of the tunnel, helping supervisors decide if the unique structure is truly worth the investment.

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