Set Some New Goals for the Return of Bike Season!

iStock_000019953923_LargeSpring is officially here, which means it’s the return of our favorite season; bike season! Between the lengthened days and the warmer weather, springtime really is the best time for cyclists. Just like when New Year’s Day rolls around, it’s time to make some resolutions.

Setting Yourself New Cycling Goals

As with anything you do, the aim should be to improve yourself. What better way to do that than to set yourself some new goals?

  • Push Farther – Whatever distance you are riding each day, week, month, or whatever, try to push yourself to go farther. If you ride a mile a day, go one and a quarter next week; then one and a half, and so on.
  • Start Commuting – If you don’t already, start commuting to work occasionally. Start out by picking one day a week when you will ride you bike to work, then you may decide to do it more often.
  • Get a Friend Riding – The economic, environmental, and health benefits alone should convince your buddy to hop on a bike, but if that’s not enough, you can offer to grace them with your company while riding.
  • Participate in an Event – Chances are there is at least one bicycle event happening in your area this year. Sign up for it. Do a little extra training and do your utmost to impress yourself when the day of the event comes.
  • Learn to Fix a Flat – Lots of us can do little more than awkwardly stare at a flat tire hoping it will fix itself. Don’t be like us. Watch a video, or ask a friend to teach you how to fix a flat tire so you can teach someone else.
  • Paint Your Ride – Don’t let your ride be boring. Stand out in a crowd by really personalizing your bike. Take the wheels off and go to town with a can of spray paint. Find some cool stencils or stickers and make it your own.
  • Donate a Bike – Misery loves company, right? Well so do cyclists, so if you have an extra bike you’re not riding, consider donating it to someone who would.

If none of these suggestions seem appealing, come up with your own goals. It doesn’t matter what they are so long as you are happy, and never stop riding.

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